LymeForward Services

Foodbank & Signposting

LymeForward provide foodbank services to the Lyme Regis and surrounkding areas every Wednesday between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00. 

This service is provided to help reduce food poverty in the Lyme Regis and surrounding areas.

This service is not available to the wider public but is specifically designed to supply much needed emergency food & nutrition needs for those refered to us by other local services such as doctors, social services and schools making us unique in the area.

Schools Recipe Bags1
Schools Recipe Bags2

Schools Recipe Bags Program

Through the summer holidays of 2021 LymeForward have been providing food to local school children and their families through the "Schools Recipe Bag Program" This is desgned to bring vulnerable children and families closer together, whilst having fun preparing neutritious meals.

Due to the programs success and the enjoyment families have had making scruptious meals together, LymeForward has continued to provide this service outside of the school holiday periods.

We are looking forward to the Christmas holiday period where we can be rea;lly inventive and help these families enjoy the festive season just that little bit more

Memory Cafe

A supportive friendly environment for those experiencing memory loss and for those who support them.

This is a comfortable and relaxed environment that is designed to assist with the application of various games and activities to improve memory as well as offer a place where supportive members can benefit too. 

Carers Cafe

The group provide a supportive environment for people suffering memory loss, living with dementia and their family, friends and carers.

Activities include music, singing, games, memory boxes, outings and talks.

Death Cafe

Since September 2011, Death Cafés have spread quickly across Europe, North America and Australasia and there are now over 8,860 branches in 65 countries across the world. 

The not-for-profit social franchise encourages people to come together and socialise over tea and cake, to raise awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their finite lives.

Health & Wellbeing Information Hub

In todays technical world, where so many services are only accessible on-line and forms and applications are electronic and sometimes confusing, it is difficult for everyone to be able to find or access the information and services thay need.

LymeForward has the answer.

We have created a hub where the vulnerable in our society can safely visit for advice on most computer matters both operational and practical. There is access to a laptop, through wich we can guide you to the essential services you need, help with form filling and applications or simply offer a bit of knowledge for you to take home and use on your own equipment.

Directory of Services

Help and Kindnesslistings for 'mental health' within 5 miles of Lyme Regis

This site offers many links to useful, helpful and kind resouces for those suffering mental health conditions of every type.