Governance & Documents

The shape of LymeForward Governance

Our Governance is led primarily by requirements from:

  • The CIC Regulator
  • Companies House
  • Government regulatory standards and requirements


LymeForward as a company is charged to act in a safe and responsible way in all of the processes and practices in which we engage. 


We have therefore constructed a business management system and organisational business structure that facilitates compliance to all of the requirements and standards.


We have a structure of governance that is delivered by Members, Directors, Steering Group, CEO, Coordinators and Volunteers. (See Organisational Chart Right).

Public Documents

Our Vision

Describes what Lymeforward sees as the ideal way to provide services to our service users and the professional approach we have to the way LymeForward is operated as a company. This document embodies the ethos and future of LymeForward in a small but most appropriate statement.

Articles of Association

This document embodies the practical principles and rumes by which LymeForward operated to comply with the CIC regulator, Companies House and statutory requirements of the law.

This is a top level document that drives the policies and practition of the company.


The policies writen by LymeForward are designed to reflect the requirements embodied in the Articles of Association.


The Procedures describe the practical activity engaged by Members, Directors, Employees and Volunteers of LymeForward. 

There are procedures writen for every function within the company to assure correct practice in accordance with the the policies and Articles of Association.